Frequently Asked Questions

Payments and Cancellations:
Q: Is it PayPal safe for my credit card because I don't have PayPal account?
Yes, PayPal is safe enough although you do not have an account with them you can pay with your credit card directly by click "Pay with my credit card". 
Q: Can we pay extra person by credit card? 
Yes, you can. Unfortunately the bank is accepted only Visa and MasterCard, if there any update for more Major Cards we will announce to public. 
​Q: If our member of the tour is sick, is it possible to cancel the tour? 
To cancel, cancellation policy will applied in this case. However we see case by case how can we help to be fair on both sides. 
Q: If we cancel the tour before days mark on cancellation, how does it work? 
If the cancellation longer than we mark in the policy, that's mean we have a full refund to you. 
For further inquiry or information you may have please feel free to contact us anytime.
Q: If we have overnight cruise, is it possible to book altogether?
Actually we prefer you to book day by day because some people will do only first day but not second day or another way round, that will be difficult to fill up 2 days tour in 1 vehicle so better to book day by day.
Q: Can we mix itinerary from different tours you offer?
Yes, mix itinerary is possible as private tour only. To share with other we have fix itinerary that will make other unsatisfying for unwritten program or missing places they want to visit. 
Q: Do you provide gears and life-jackets for boat tours?
Yes, we provide gears on boat tours if you are going to snorkelling, and other other activities on itinerary as same as life-jackets. Some places they might offer water sport activities these will be extra charge for anyone who wants to join. 
Q: Are you provide other languages tour guide?
We are English Speaking guide team however if you would like to have specific language we can recommend to you but they are not a part of our team. 
Q: Are you take big group tour? 
Yes, we do but will be only on private. If you can organize that big group better you book private not book join. 


Q: Can we make a booking without payment? 

To reserved the seat in the van we require full payment. If you already booked then you have another companion want to join under your name, this you can pay when you arrive to the shore with our representatives. 

Q: Is it necessary to print confirmations?


No, it is not necessary to print. The confirmations will be on our side too. Just make sure you read and understand how to meet, time and other policies carefully. 

Q: Can we change the tour after confirmed?

Yes, you can change to another tour after the booking confirmed but not less than 48 days in advance due to availability on the tour you want to change. If less than 48 days we will try our best and will report you the best possibility.